We focus at the application of time-resolved spectroscopic methods to investigate the interdisciplinary fields, including ultrafast spectroscopic study of electron and energy transfer in photosynthetic process, interfacial charge recombination process, photoinduced carrier relaxation probed by time-resolved mid-IR spectroscopy, fast protein folding kinetics investigated by temperature-jump ns time-resolved mid-IR spectroscopy, molecular probe for wettability conversion at individual TiO2 nanoparticles. We are also interested in developing novel technique in ultrafast spectroscopic study. Recently we have developed a transient fluorescence spectrometer for acquisition of femto-second time-resolved fluorescence spectra by photon-to-photon amplification with a gain factor of 106 based on the principle of noncollinear optical parametric amplifier. Besides, we are also interested in exploring the physico-mathematical description of plant morphology at cellular level.

1. Excitonic states vs topological shape of membrane protein LH2.

2. Interfacial back electron transfer and transient molecular probe for TiO2 surface property.

3. Protein folding kinetics investigated by nanosecond time-resolved mid-IR spectroscopy.

4.Femto-second time-resolved transient fluorescence spectrometer: from 1 noncoherent fluorescence photon to 106 laser photons.

5. Physico-mathematical description of the flower morphology.


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